Designs you deserve for your modern home



At Admira, we believe in growth and innovation. Only with this attitude and belief we are able to serve our customers with the best designs and new outlooks for their homes. With the the same principles in mind, we are proud to introduce our latest section - Wardrobes. We offer a variety of modules and options in wardrobes for you to browse and choose from. Our dedicated team of efficient and creative designers ensure that there are no dull designs in your modern home.

Striving for perfection has now become a habit for us and one of the reasons why we are successfully able to come up with new and unique designs. Scroll down to view our latest wardrobe designs and to know about the modules we offer.



This is a medium density fibreboard which is made of engineered wood. This board is known for its strength and consistency, which also gives you the option for smooth edges for your wardrobe. These are ideal for for cabinet doors and shutters.

  • Pre-laminated particle board

Its is a cost effective option option for your wardrobe body and is also made with environment friendly raw material. These boards are pre-laminated which adds to the durability but takes nothing away from its flexibility in design and application.

  • MR Plywood

MR stands for Moisture resistant, this board is also known as commercial ply is built with to strength and consistency. Its strength and durability makes it well suited for solid wardrobe construction

  • Marine Ply

Known for its Durability and water resistance, is a very high grade ply. It has structural strength and resistance to adapting to temperature and moisture changes.


This is a material which will perfectly fit your modern high quality wardrobes. This high density fibreboard has similar properties to plywood but at a lower cost. The high moisture resistant top-coat makes it waterproof, while heat and termite resistance makes it highly durable.

  • Glass

Glass door option for your modern wardrobe is an elegant solution. We provide Glass doors in Clear and frosted finishes. These are fixed to an aluminium o wooden frame, have tempered quality for enhanced strength as compared to standard annealed glass.

  • Mirrors

These provide you with extra utility and ease as the mirror is fixed to the door and you can decide what to wear right in front of your wardrobe. Also, these provides your modern home with an elegant look.

  • Men’s wardrobe

Choose from a variety of options for neatly organizing your work wear and casualwear with our huge collection of Men’s wardrobe designs with customizable modules for enhanced customizability for your dresses.

  • Women’s Wardrobe

We provide internal wardrobe customizations which are designed with keeping all your needs in mind. You can choose between having plenty of hanging space or having more shelves – it has all been designed to provide you with the best experience.

  • Couple’s Wardrobe

We have options which will enable you to have a wardrobe that can provide ample space for you and your partner’s wardrobe needs. Whether you both love hanging garments or have complementary needs, find an internal combination, from numerous options, to perfectly suit both your needs.

  • Kid’s Wardrobe

We have smartly designed wardrobes which enables you to fit all the needs of your growing child’s wardrobe. Ample storage areas, clothing rails, easy to reach and out of reach sections for your kids are some of the internal customizations we offer in this module.

  • Rattan Storage Basket

Secured in an aluminium frame to provide enhanced strength and anchored on soft closing slides for easy pull out access, rattan storage baskets are what your wardrobe needs. This can provide storage for folded t-shirts, linen, pyjamas and more.

  • Shallow Storage Basket

Accessible for wide shelved wardrobes, this basket is made of steel with perforations to allow air circulation. This is ideal for compartmentalizing smaller heights.

  • Wide Storage Basket

Designed for storing towels, T shirts and linen, this convenient pull out basket is affixed in an aluminium frame. The wire basket also makes it easy to find your clothes and allows ample air circulation.

  • Multi Functional storage basket

This storage basket provides and innovative solution to all your storage woes. This convenient attachment you store folded clothes of all kinds while a set of clothes rails provides space for hanging trousers, shirts etc

  • Shoe Rack

This is an add on accessory which mixes customizability and great design to add sleek look to your wardrobe. Attached on soft closing slides, this rack boasts of two sets of inclined perforated boards separated by a divider for efficient arrangement.

  • Basic Trouser rack

This essential item has soft closing slides allow you to pull out this rack for cool viewing and lets you keep your ironed trousers wrinkle free. The trouser rack features nine rectangular bars providing hanger space for storing jeans, capris, formal pants and slacks.

  • Multi Functional Trouser rack

This must have essential increases the storage capacity with convenience and versatility. This rack boasts of Three plastic boxes let you store belts, pocket handkerchiefs and other accessories within easy reach and is designed for 900mm wide cabinets with noiseless soft close slides.

  • Semi- Open Storage box

Organize all your jewellery, trinkets, watches and other accessories in easy to use wooden storage box which is overlaid woth a PVC surface for added durability. The box is divided into open and closed compartments and is secured in an aluminium frame with soft closing slides provide easy access.

  • Multi Functional Storage box

This box can store all of your jewellery, scarves, watches, ties, and other odds and ends in an elegant manner. This wooden storage box is overlaid with plush beige pile high fabric.

  • Close Rods

Essential for compact wardrobes where space is at a premium, this adjustable wardrobe lift lets you make use of overhead space for hanging clothes. Designed for compartment sizes ranging from 830mm to 1150mm.

  • Aluminium Closet Rod

As the name suggests, made with high grade aluminium, this is a wardrobe essential for hanging shirts, suits, sarees, dresses, skirts and formals and everything in between.

  • Hinged

The maxi lift option is fitted with a lift up shutter which provides extra storage space for the less used home items.

  • Lift

Essential modern item for the moder home, this features a single top hung shutter that conveniently moves upwards and out of the way, making storage and retrieval easy.

  • Maxi Lift

This stylish designed module provides greater vertical height and has maxi lift option fitted with a lift up shutter. This provides extra storage space for the less frequently used items.

  • Swing Door

The popular choice in wardrobe doors, swing doors are Sturdy and easy to use. These doors are attached to your wardrobe with concealed hinges and are precisely cut and sized for exact alignment.

  • Sliding Door

Sliding doors provide an aesthetic appeal to your modern wardrobe. Responsive to the lightest of touches, these doors have an integrated soft close function that allows smooth closing of taller and wide shutters. These doors provide more space and are easy to access.

  • Folding Door

An Ideal solution for wardrobes with larger widths, these doors provide ease of access. Folding doors glide effortlessly over metal tracks and fold outwards, saving on space. Easy to operate, these come with an integrated soft close function which ensures smooth and noiseless movement.

  • Plain

A plain door panel design provides a tried and tested and aesthetically good looking touch to your wardrobe. Perfect for a clean and modern look.

  • Glass

Keep it sleek and classy with clear glass or add texture with frosted glass. Glass finish brings an edgy and contemporary vibe to your modern wardrobe.

  • Mirror

This option provides a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. There are options for you to choose from such as full length mirrors on all the shutters or go with a combination of mirror and glass.

  • Mirror + Glass

This is a combination that give you the best of both worlds. Choose shutters with a combination of plain and mirrored finishes for visual balance and functionality.

  • Framed

Framed designs are classically themed styles that are reinterpreted to match your modern interiors. These are available in a choice of plain, mirrored or glass panels.

  • Routed

These provide a very elegant and aesthetic look to your modern wardrobe. You can add a sleek flair to your wardrobe with classy routed shutters with precisely positioned grooves.

  • Membrane

We offer wardrobes which have a world class finish thanks to the membrane foils. These foils help in creating a smooth and consistent look unlike any other. There is a large variety of membranes for you to choose from.

  • HPL

HPL stands for high pressure laminates, are available in a wide variety of options which includes matt, glossy, ultra high gloss, and moisture resistant finishes for your wardrobe exterior. With our attention to detail, matching edges bring out an outstanding beauty.

  • Polymer

The polymer finish boasts of a scratch resistant finish which provides longevity and durability to your wardrobe. You can choose from a variety of high gloss options for an aesthetic look.