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We are happy to introduce you to our brand new range of kitchen designs and modules. Your kitchen is the space where you get to try out all your heart's desires in one place and it deserves to be designed to perfection. We at Admira understand your needs and we strive to provide the best look for your modular kitchen. We have consultants who are in-sync with the latest market trends and who will cater to all your modular kitchen needs.

With Admira, you can be sure to find the design that you feel should be implemented for your modular kitchen. Click on the button below to take a look at some of our work and to check out the designs & modules we offer.



High density fibreboard is specially developed for high quality kitchens. It has similar properties to a standard quality ply board, but is a much better option as it is considerably priced at a lower cost. Along with being cost-effective, it has a high moisture resistant top-coat making it waterproof. Add heat and termite resistance to the mix, and you have one of the most sought after products in the market.

  • MDF

Medium density fibreboard is a type of composite engineered wood which is known for its strength and reliability. With smooth edges, this is one of the most popular choices for cabinet doors(shutters). Along with all its great qualities, this comes with a high moisture resistant top-coat and also boasts of a superior surface finish making it ideal for laminates and paints.

  • Marine Ply

With industry grade Durability and water resistance, Marine ply is perfect for kitchen utilization. This ply has an extreme resistance to expansion or contraction to change in temperature and moisture. With high structural strength, marine ply is a great choice for Kitchen use.

  • Glass

Increase the design possibilities for your new kitchen with premium quality Saint-Gobain glass. This comes with clear and frosted finishes and are available for wall cabinets, secured firmly in an aluminium or a wooden frame. You also have a choice in quality of the glass, with tempered quality for exponential strength as compared to a standard annealed glass.


  • Quartz

A glossy material by Hafele, is as its name suggests, 93% Quartz. One of the best qualities that makes it recommendable is its strength and durability. Along with being durable, it is also low maintenance, non-absorbent and resistant to heat damage. This comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, which often are similar to natural stones.

  • Granite

Known for its strength and class, this stone can be considered quintessential for a modern kitchen. Apart from looking just good as your kitchen countertop, Granite is scratch resistant, registers no heat damage and stain resistant when sealant coated.

  • Synthetic Surface

Manufactured by DuPont, this material is preferred choice as it available in a wide variety of colors. Matched with a backsplash, synthetic surface countertop delivers a seamless surface. Easy to clean, resistant to stains and the scratches getting easily buffed is one of the reasons that makes this material an ideal choice. However, hotpads for this surface are advisable.

  • Vitrified Tiles

An option which is ideal for backsplashes, vitrified tiles are available in wide variety of colors, design and price segments. Along with its variety, these tiles have a low porosity, are water resistant, durable, largely impervious to staining and are easily maintainable.

  • Drawers

You can browse through our top-of-the-line drawers collection from the most popular models. Depending on your choice, the design will include premier nylon, metals, PVC and glass design elements.

  • Wire Baskets

If you are looking for wire basket for your kitchen, we recommend stainless steel 304 grade which offers high durability, resistance to stains and easy maintenance. These steel baskets have a long life as they are not readily prone to rust or corrosion even in different conditions.

  • Modules

The hardware that we provide for your modular kitchen is galvanised steel. One of factors that makes galvanised steel ideal for your modular kitchen is that it is appropriate for rooms exposed to moisture. Galvanization results in uniquely tough hardware, resistant to damage and corrosion. Also, the coating for the steel ranges from chrome to nickel.

  • HPL

We have large variety of High Pressure Laminates for you to choose from which includes - matt, glossy, ultra high gloss, and moisture resistant options, all being the best in class. Using high pressure, the laminate of your choosing is pressed in factories with high precision. Once finished, the product will have matching edges that gives it an outstanding look.

  • Membrane

We provide membrane foils that allow for seamless finish for all your kitchen modules. You have a choice between different matte and high gloss designs along with smooth textures and quality finishing. We apply the membrane mechanically at our state of the art facilities.

  • Polymer

Recently developed polymer finishes are highly scratch resistant and helps in keeping the kitchen looking good even after a heavy use. You have options between 10 high gloss designs which provide an uber-modern aesthetic to your kitchen.

  • Acrylic

Make your kitchen even more inviting and beautiful with a premium high-gloss option in Acrylic finishes. It has a flawless finish and scratch resistant properties which makes it ideal for high end kitchens. Being resistant to moisture and having great reflective qualities makes is a great option.

  • Bottle Pull-out

These are special units with sufficient widths which are there for storing everything bottles, jars, towels to cleaning liquids. Ideal position for these pull outs in your modular kitchen will be near a dishwasher or towards either end of the kitchen. Make great use of your narrow spaces with these excellent pull- outs.

  • Hob Base

Essentially a storage unit below your hob or stove, these make an ideal option for storage. You can store everything from your tableware, spices to pots and pans. Combine with the right accessories and you can have yourself a great design option with large and small, or shutter cabinets with removable shelves inside.

  • Drawer

A type of sliding type storage unit, drawer makes it easy to access whatever is stored inside. You can store anything inside from sizable containers to dainty cutlery. Boasting high load capacities upto 65 kg, the drawers are fitted with soft close mechanism.

  • Shutter Cabinet

One of the best features that makes shutter cabinet an ideal choice for your modular kitchen is its customizability. You have so many options to choose from like – removable shelves, changing shelf sizes, single door or double door options, multiple widths to suit you needs. Also, they also come with an innovative soft close mechanism.

  • Sink Base

A highly specialized module with waterproofing and aluminium base to avoid liquid spilling is one of the best choices we offer for your kitchen. It can be easily modified to your needs. It can be fitted with various accessories like bins and storage for cleaning agents etc.

  • Corner Base

In order to get your kitchen to look aesthetically good, you need to make sure that the corners are done right due to its geometric alignment. You can choose from several smart options to transform your kitchen corner into a spacious and organized nook.

  • Gas Cylinder

Designed for Indian kitchens, the cylinder cabinet is for the purpose of storing your gas cylinders. Inside you get a trolley stand for the cylinder which makes moving it a painless and easy task. With shutter doors, this functional base module is ideal for all modular kitchens.

  • Lift Up

This premium product for a contemporary kitchen design is an elegant top-opening wall cabinets. Easy to use and being highly customizable makes it an ideal choice for modern kitchen. The design adds a flourish to your kitchen. A soft close mechanism with removable shelves inside makes lift-up cabinets a dream to use.

  • Rolling Shutter

High on function and style, this modern wall cabinet is in fact positioned on the countertop. These roll vertically to open with utmost ease and a perfectly smooth quiet operation. These are offered with a choice of slat shutters in matt aluminium or tempered glass.

  • Open Cabinets

Door less modules which provide flexible storage and ease of use. Available in multiple widths, these are ideal for storing high-usage jars and bottles, like sugar, tea, coffee etc., for unhindered cooking activities.

  • Door Panel

Available in multiple width and height options, these shelved wall cabinets come with side-hinged door panels. You can increase your design possibilities by using glass doors instead of a traditional wood doors.

  • Water Filter

Essentially a cover for your water filter, these provide an aesthetic look to your modular kitchen. With multiple flexible widths and heights, and without a bottom or back panel, it fits any water filter inside without interfering with its function.

  • Wall Cabinet Cover

Similar to base cabinet covers, wall cabinet covers offer ease of access above all. We recommend using a bi-fold door cabinet, which helps in direct retrieval of stored contents. As a base option, bling corners are also available. Both types come fitted with one storage shelf.

  • Wet Dishes

Essential for wet dishes, this a module that is installed right above the sink. The main purpose of this is that it lets you store wet plates and utensils to dry, all concealed away — seamlessly — in a cabinet. Designed with a multipurpose tray and plate rack, a removable glass tray at the bottom accumulates dripping water.

  • Plate Holder

This is a top-of-the-line premium product which is a very practical and efficient fit for your modular kitchen. It is a plate holder with an anti-skid base that lets you stack up to twelve of your dinner plates inside any drawer. What’s more, the two handles allow you to carry all the plates, at once, to the dining table.

  • Cutlery Tray

Essentially a tray to keep all your cutlery at one place. You will be able to organize all your spoons, forks, knives and even rolling pin, whisks, pestle, nutcracker and more in neat compartments inside your cutlery drawer. It is also available in metal, wood and PVC materials.

  • Orga-Line

An innovative drawer dividing system that you can adjust according to drawer contents. So move the dividers around as you please, to give you an organization system that makes access easy and is intuitive and practical for the modern kitchen.

  • Wicker Basket

The wicker basket accessory provides an uncluttered look for storing all your daily use veggies such as potatoes, onion, and garlic. It has an elegant wooden frame, an easy to use slider, an easy to use cut-out handle and a pull-out basket is which is super convenient. When pushed in, it completely aligns with all cabinets.

  • Anti-Skid Mat

Essentially a mat for your cabinets and pull-out drawers which ensures that none of your contents topple over, even when your drawers are opened or closed with force. With this accessory, it now even more feasible to store even glass jars or ceramic bowls inside drawers.

  • Auto- lid dustbin

An easy-to-use dustbin for your modular kitchen, that opens up on its own as and when you open your cabinet for disposing off some waste. Simply open the cabinet door and the bin lid will open for you, all automatically.

  • Double Bin Holder

An aesthetic design for your dustbins, double bin holders are aligned to one side, the two bins are arranged back to back with an efficient handle that facilitate an easy slide action when pulled. If you believe in segregating your bio degradable and non-bio degradable waste, double bin holder is your answer.

  • Detergent Holder

Fixed in a cabinet below the sink, is the perfect product for storing all your cleaning gear — liquid soap, scrub pads and sponges conveniently. It comes with 2 wire baskets of varying widths to store all your bottles and soap bars in an easy and convenient manner.

  • Gas

The traditional gas hobs create uniform flame, with cooking gas supplied from a cylinder or pipeline. Available in glass and steel materials, varying number of burners, as well as built-in options.

  • Induction

These use a magnetic field to create heat between the pan and hob are energy efficient, cleaner alternative to the traditional gas based heating system. Induction Hobs are available in varying number of burners as well as built-in options.

  • Glass

Perfect for contemporary kitchens, these have now become very popular among people who want to provide a pleasing and classy touch to their kitchens. These cooktops are made of toughened glass and are a visual as well as culinary delight. These are available in varying number of burners as well as built-in options.

  • Steel

Easy to clean and maintain, these classic cooktops never go out of style. These are available with varying number of burner options as well as a choice of built-ins.

  • Wall Mounted

Popular among Indian kitchens, wall mounted chimneys can be affixed in between two cabinets, right above the cooktop or hob for maximum efficiency. This style of chimneys are available from many brands all around the world and a variety of designs such as curved, rectilinear, as well as with design details in glass.

  • Built-under

Built under chimneys are concealed under the cabinet, and only the front panel visible to the onlooker. These provide a seamless look to your kitchen. This style of chimneys are available from many brands all around the world and a variety of designs such as curved, rectilinear, as well as with design details in glass.

  • Island

This type of chimneys are ideal for cooktops in an island style kitchen outline. The island kitchen chimney spreads to the ceiling, becoming an essential element in your modular kitchen.       This style of chimneys are available from many brands all around the world and a variety of designs such as curved, rectilinear, as well as with design details in glass.

  • Microwave

We provide a design in which you can have your microwave oven built-in to take care of all your heating, cooking and roasting needs. The built-in microwave is incorporated into your kitchen, keeping in mind an efficient work triangle. With a wide variety of models and designs to choose from, you can also opt to combine it with an oven.

  • Oven

Integrated inside a cabinet, this innovative product design offers a classy and uncluttered look to your modular kitchen. With the help of an in-built oven, bake cookies, cakes, pizzas and much more. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, all from top brands. Also, you have the chance to combine this with microwave design options.

  • Refrigerator

This design provides you with an option to integrate your refrigerator seamlessly with the look of your modern kitchen. Say farewell to bulky detached refrigerators when you can have the same efficiency and space to store food with built-in refrigerators. Also, these are available in various capacities, which again increases your options.

  • Dishwasher

Add a top-of-the-line dishwasher to your modern kitchen which comes built into a cabinet, which makes your kitchen aesthetically good looking as well as making it more efficient. You can concentrate on your cooking when your built-in dishwasher is there to hygienically clean and dry your dirty utensils.