The mission is simple: give nothing less than the best.


“I love to think that my talent & creativity has a vision which allows me to see the space more than its capability”

An opportunity given by his father, a boy rocked the idea of interior design by remarkably staging his own design, which became an instant hit and became a trend. With his vision and passion he created his own company, hence, Admira came into existence. Abhishek has uniquely intertwined his dedication & creativity to fashion a marvel in interior designing.

Achieving flawless & attractive look requires a professional who specializes in these spaces. Abhishek brings in unique perspective that gives an edge to his ingenuity which enlivens the house to its fullest. He adds that “one of the biggest challenges of this field is to remain constantly inimitable” He further adds “to overcome this situation the best I do is let go of the design I created and move ahead, look for an inspiration and create something different again. I, as an interior decorator should evolve with time, so that my designs, my work can suit the client’s needs and satisfy my creative hunger as well.”


Based in Delhi, Admira has constantly delivered specialized interior design services for their clients. Admira, is the premium choice for your perfect dream house. We design to our client’s requirements & style which suits them, offering personal attention to every minute detail, quality and high level of service & contact. Admira’s growth can be measured by the best service provided to all our clients. We never settle for the second best, and neither let our clients. Our work speaks for itself as we give an experience beyond comparison.